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Production Journal

Breaking Point Victories and Turmoils

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A daily journal of all happenings that are Breaking Point related.  Watch it grow from beginning to end with all the goodness in between.  A reality show for the net.  I'll probably vote someone off.

Production Journal

Breaking Point

Day 3 - 8/13/04

   Another surprise day of shooting.  Definatley going a lot better and smoother than I thought.  The only problem continues to be the weather which messes with the lighting effects a lot and causes trouble.  Everyone forgets how important lighting and sound is to a movie, too bad with our budge being a grand total of $0, we can't do too much about it.

    To make up for this problem though we shot more of Ricky's scene, mostly because Michael had to go.  We were able to get the small fight down and then me killing him.  Though he did hit me upside the head with his gun, which I have to say, did hurt a good bit.

    After he left it was just me, Tom and Colin.  With this we were able to get more of Alec scenes done, almost having a wrap on that whole affair inside the house which is awesome.

    Next on the agenda will be all the Iris and Manny parts which will be shot when I return from my trip.  The good news is Megan Wright agreed to play the part of Iris which is awesome.  I have worked with her on such projects as Call of the Wild and Dicks! and she has provided me with high class work.  It's great to have her on board again.  The bad news is we are still looking for a good locale for Manny's and Breaking Point's headquarters.  I'm sure something will come up, but just nothing right now.

    Probably no more shooting or any real info until next weekend, so enjoy what you have and wait for more.  The suspense!

Breaking Point

Alec Martin's name has changed to Alec Walker

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