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Something Strange Productions

Project Dark

When Dark rises, Empires fall

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    A series of wars followed by severe paranoia and isolation has left the nation's economy desolate and the government in shambles.  The government's leading weapons and supplies manufacturer, EMSC, thrives on the dependence on them, yet they see millions of people out of work, sick, and dying.  The central power of the government is so nonexistant that crime and lawlessness has swept the nation.  While part of the EMSC believes that their duty to help their country is to pump money into the economy and let the government rebuild a shaky nation, another group believes that this only shows the inability of this government to rule, and that as the most powerful company left standing, it is their right to take over and rule themselves to make a better nation.
The group of rebels is thought to be irrational and foolhearty and the EMSC will have nothing to do with them.  Subsequently, this group renames themeslves the Sevine Syndicate and devotes themselves to obtaining their rightful place in the government.  With both the EMSC and Sevine Syndicate having opposite goals, they're instantly enemies with only each other standing in the way.  This is the premise of Project Dark.

    Project Dark is broken down into several cinematic chapters each highlighting different parts of the main character Dark's mission to bring down the Sevine Syndicate at any cost. This current project comes from a long evolution of scripts and plots originally developed as "President Evil;" a comic strip developed by Matt Husar and Eric Wronsky in 1999. Still in the pre-production stages, Eric Wronsky is working to turn one of his longest held ideas into an epic-like film inspired by hundreds of people, movies, and books.

One man to take down an Empire. One man to save a nation.

Chapter Birth:
    Highlights the creation of Sevine and the birth of Dark, who is born into the EMSC side still devoted to assisting the current government.  Fearing the worst, children like Dark are immediately trained on how to survive in a bleak and violent world.  Dark shows an extraordinary ability to grasp the concepts of survival and the ability to fight.  He is easily the strongest member of this group of young warriors.  Yet while he is still a child, a surprise attack from the Sevine Syndicate leaves most of the EMSC dead or divided and now Dark is on his own.  Dark swears revenge upon his fallen friends and family.
Chapter Dark:
    About 15 years later, the Sevine Syndicate has successfully overthrown the government and is gaining a large amount of power by running a totalitarian regime keeping people in line using fear, not money.  Just as things seem to be falling into place for the Syndicate, a series of brutal assassinations of their members springs up.  They are furious to learn that a member of the EMSC has survived for these years and are anxious to relieve the thorn in their side that Dark has become.  Dark has officially made himself known to the Syndicate by brilliantly planning assassinations of increasingly more powerful Syndicate members single handedly.  The Syndicate fears that if this pattern continues, Dark could effectively put their regime into jeopardy.
Chapter Revival:
    Dark's actions have inspired people that have for years been repressed by the Syndicate.  Seeing vulnerability, people become willing to fight for Dark and bring the Syndicate down.  Dark realizes that he cannot fufil his goal of the complete destruction of Sevine by himself and begins to organize a faction of rebels in the city where the headquarters are located.  Although Dark still works alone, now he has a large following that can enable him to reach higher level Sevine Syndicate members.  Both the Sevine Syndicate and its resistance are at their full force.

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