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Something Strange Productions

Storm Chasers


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Follow Carl, Jerry, Dave, and Stacy as they investigate the intense weather situations in Southern New Jersey!  Clouds!  Cold air!  Wind!  Maybe even snow!  Anything can happen in this crazy real life adventure!

Storm Chasers Poster
Storm Van!

Episode 1:  Meet the team!  Carl the leader;  Jerry the data man;  Dave the on-air talent;  Stacy the asipring actress (?)!  The SNJMRNDPU is introduced.  Watch the research process, go behind the scenes of a local weather show, observe the organizational skills, and see the team in action!

Cast (In order of appearance)
Carl Latovski..........Michael Wronsky
Jerry Philips...........Eric Wronsky
Dave Jacobson.....Chris White
Stacy Norton...........Scarlett Redmond
Written and Directed by Eric Wronsky

"Storm Chasers" was created by Eric Wronsky and was made primarily for college submission, yet the film is also entered in the SHS student film festival and is currently being readied for a submission to 
Storm Chasers was filmed in Medford, New Jersey during December of 2004.

Storm Chasers was filmed on location in Medford, New Jersey.  All characters and events are fictional.  Any likeness to any person or incident is entirely coincidental.

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