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Something Strange Productions

Breaking Point Journal: Day 2

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Day 2 - 8/11/04

    I’m surprised to be shooting today due to Alec being dead. But luckily Ricky was not, though he will be shortly if you get my drift. We will shoot the cool opening scene today. It’s a little darker out than I had hoped. Maybe it will help set the mood. Stupid thunder storms in the afternoon. Always messing stuff up. There’s an ambulance in the background too. I guess the fire station is testing or my neighbor is burning.


    There was an accident. No testing or fire. Messed up where we shot the car scenes, but it ended up OK even though Michael parked on the opposite side of my drive way and not near the mail box. Always causing trouble. Though with only 2 people we were able to accomplish more than yesterday and make it look cool and nice. I might put the scene up on the site, but if not, its still high class and one day will be viewed by all. Might shoot more tomorrow and if not I’ll be seeing Napoleon Dynamite. High class right there. High class, indeed.

Maybe new footage. New Pictures at least. Check it out.

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