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Today the remote, tomorrow the world!

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Dicks! is the story of two private detectives trying to make a living in the real world dependent on the police force.  Will they be able to get by?  Will they make a name for themselves as capable crime solvers?  Are those moustaches really real?  See for yourself in Dicks! starring Eric Wronsky and Garrett Johnson.

Dicks! was created as a five minute short to compete against other shorts on  So far one episode is completed and two more episodes are slated to be shot in August and sent into Channel101 in September and October (Provided that it makes the primetime list).  We're currently working on bringing the complete episodes onto the SSP website.


Dicks! 1:  Grey and Kelly are desperately looking for legitimate work and are frustrated by the lusterless jobs they are receiving, but it looks as if their break might be on the horizon...
Dicks! 2:  A damsel in distress!  The mafia!  Murder!  This is the big case Grey and Kelly have been waiting for all their lives, but it may prove to be more than they bargained's just too much to fit into one episode!
Dicks! 3:  The riveting conclusion to episode 2.  Who's behind it all?  Can Grey and Kelly solve the case and get out alive themselves?

Dicks! Preview

Dick Grey:  Garrett Johnson
Dick Kelly:  Eric Wronsky

On its way to LA!



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