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Something Strange Productions

Breaking Point Journal: Day 1

Dear Diary...

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Day 1 - 8/10/04 - 3:10 AM

    Alright, day one of Breaking Point production for sSp, hopefully. It’s freaking early or late, however you look at it. Oh well. Tom stole the script which sucks, so I have to print out another copy or just try and add and change some parts. More dialogue I suppose. Should hold up well, so for the first day of shooting will be all the parts at my house. The beginning when Alec shows up and all that crap. Then strip mall might also make it. Depends on time left. The great thing is we work on our own schedule. No need to worry about time or budge. Just shoot till its good. Only problem is what characters will wear. Milo has to look cool. Not sure what cool clothes I have. Alec has to be somewhat dressed up since he thinks he is going to work.


Milo - Me

Alec - Colin

Ricky - Not sure yet

Manny - Darren?

Iris - Megan?

Daughter and wife??

    Luckily I shoot those scenes later. I have to remember to take cool black and white photos for the site. This is the second real sSp production. Let us hope for the best. More will be heard from me later.


Rewrite pretty much finished. Printing it off. Brads make it look high class and professional. Can’t find any though.

UPDATE: 11:45 AM

    Surprisingly woke up around 10 something after not getting to bed till after 4. Most time so far spent on getting DICKS! Ready to be sent out. High class stuff. Though the production has seen its first setback. Judy aka my mom has decided it would be a good day to paint the porch. So that whole opening scene has to wait.

    Talked to actors, Colin wanted to be Manny, I said no. Looks like Tom is going to be Ricky. Solves that problem. I get to kill him. After lunch the people will come and the shooting will begin. I just need Michael’s gun and maybe Tom’s camcorder...

Canned lasagna time

Boy R Boy R Dee!

UPDATE: 1 something PM

    No Chef Boy R Dee. Burger Boys before production. Except the garage door broke. How can a door be unclosable? No we can’t leave. At least not until someone else comes. What will go wrong next. I bet Colin will die. He’d do that just to mess things up.

    Michael speared me with an umbrella, damaging my directing hand. Could of been worse.

UPDATE: Time Unknown.

    Legos are great but delayed our production by a few hours. We found them in the garage and played with them right there. In a related subject, my airplane thing was the coolest. Don’t worry, we have pictures.


    Finally made it to Burger Boys.


    Going ok right now. Got a few scenes done. Is it gonna be good? Who knows. Waiting for camera battery though its really due to safe guard mode. I don’t want to tell anyone because they would be said. I need more than one of those things. Coolest scene being shot. Should be cool.

UPDATE: ????

    Coolest scene never got shot. Safeguard mode continued. Will have to wait. After a days work or so we ended up with maybe 2 minutes of usable footage. Turned out ok I think though one cut does not flow smoothly. It can be fixed.

    Still mucho to do, but it got started and thats all that mattered. Production might die down for a little while. Maybe again Thursday but then I leave and other people leave. Could cause a damper in the whole situation. The biggest project yet and its had its tough breaks and its only the first day. At least more Legos can be played with.

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