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That's right:  News, not Olds!  Olds are boring!  All the up to date information on current projects can be found here.

Please check out our new official website.  You can view all of our big projects and shorts and not just read about them.  We also have everything the old site has like softpopcorn and the articles.  Go right now!

Finally!  After a long wait, Eric Wronsky has come out with a new short film.  "Storm Chasers" is a comedy about the lives of weather hunters in Southern New Jersey.  This documentary shows the "brutal" weather that this team of 4 has to endure every day to ensure the safety of S. New Jersey citizens.  Check out the new page and see a clip.  Storm Chasers
Tesla vs. Edison is the newest project from sSp.  It was made for a contest for City of Heroes.  Sent in one hour before deadline on Monday, with a winner being announced on Wedensday.  Can sSp pull off its first victory in any contest?  It better!  Watch here!
Yes...Dicks! didn't even make it past the preliminary screening.  We hope this doesn't mean that it sucked, and anyone that told us it was good was just lying right to our face!  Well despite our rejection, we're still very happy we have material to actually send to Channel 101.  It might have been much competiton for our first short.  Channel 101 isn't a small thing.  Channel 101 has seen the likes of Jack Black, Drew Carey, and the Loney Island Dudes, so it's not exactly surprising that two east coast kids didn't make it to their prime time screening.  Unfortunately this also means that our short will not even be posted on their website in the "Failed Pilots" section, so you'll have to wait to see the whole thing if you haven't already.  Again, we thank everyone for the opportunity, and we here at SSP wish good luck to all those that made it.  You haven't seen the last of us!  No sir!
We've recently recieved confirmation that the administrators of in Los Angeles have recieved our short film "Dicks!"  There will be a preliminary screening on the 27th, and if it makes the cut, it will be screened with other new shows along with the current primetime shows.  You can go to this link that will take you to the Channel101 forum in which they've talked about Dicks, and the unfortunate amount of other episodes with titles like "I Hate My Balls," and "Penis Fart."  We know that the guys at Channel101 will see past our title and see the show for what it is.
More, more ,more.  How do you like it, how do you like it?  Breaking Point
Breaking Point has begun.  A massive media blitz has taken place.  Anything you want, it is here.  And we mean anything.  Also some small cosmetic changes are taking place.  Nothing too drastic, just trying to spice up the goodness.
Dicks! heads to LA where it hopes to become an actor and make it big!  It will start at the bottom working at a coffee shop and handing out it's script and card to anyone who will take it.
Crafty Clam Studios trying to muscle into our turf?  Nah.  They just want to submit a story.  A story of wonders and a story of mystery.  And if its no good, we can blame Crafty Clam.  In all reality, if from now on anything sucks, Crafty Clam had something to do with it.
History of the world?  Long and boring.  History of SSP?  Now we have your attention!  The tale is told in all its glory with elaborate Illuminates handcrafted carefully by monks personally handpicked from Asia and put into a small room.
Dicks! is great.  Dicks! in picture form?  Even better!  Check it out.  Now!
Articles, articles, articles.  The first article is up, brought to you by Eric Wronsky, "Keeping it Real.  Keeping it Fresh.", with more to come soon so Articles can be used correctly in the plural form.
We here at SSP are excited to be back, and with a new vigor.  Beforehand, the site was just a bunch of made up jibba-jabba that had no real truth to it.  Now we're doing actual material, meaning actual news!  Therefore, the site has been brought back so we can share our work with everyone.  From movies to short films, short stories to music, it'll all be here.  Be sure to check back frequently, because we'll frequently be contributing!

Looking for the old news?  Well look no further.  Those weren't news.  Those were fakes.  Just forget about the old stuff.  It's time to move forward!  Not backwards!  Upwards!  Not forwards!  And always twirling...twirling towards freedom!

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