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Something Strange Productions

SSP Resolutions

Bettering ourselves, thus bettering the world.

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sSp 2006 New Year’s Resolutions

    We decided to quit messing around and skip 2005 because in all honesty, we didn’t really accomplish all of our goals from last year. So instead of adding on to the pile, we are preparing for our future. Because ultimately, teachers touch our future and children are our future, thusly teachers touch children.


Make Movies

Get Screened at Channel 101

Conquer two(2) Third World Countries

Create a real website

Finish our 2004 Resolutions

Win Nobel Prize in some category. They probably have one for something we are good at. Or Plan B: Beat up winner of Nobel Prize in some category we thought we were good at

Update more frequently

Bring back Loquax and Anti-Loquax

Conquer a Third… Third World Country and sell it to Wal-Mart

Black Mail Tom Cruise (He know what he did!)

2005.  The year it is unsafe to use our old batteries anymore.

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