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Something Strange Productions

Rejection Letter

Channel 101

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We received over 35 submissions for our August screening and sadly, yours was not one of the 7 chosen by the Prime Time Panel to enter competition at Cinespace.


We appreciate your work just the same, and remember, at Channel 101 you’re only a loser when you don’t make something.


If you have questions about “why” your submission didn’t make the cut, please feel free to post in the “rejectee therapy” section of the public forum, where one the Prime Timers who decided your pilot’s fate might be on hand to give some answers. 


Our condolences,

The August Prime Timers:


Dan Harmon

Scott Chernoff & Andy Goldblatt

Akiva Schaffer, Jorma Taccone & Andy Samberg

Chris Romano and Eric Falconer

Rob Schrab

1999 - 2004 Something Strange Productions