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Something Strange Productions

The History 2001

The year is...2001

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                 The future of SSP was looking grim.  The original creators, Matt Husar and Eric Wronsky, were now attending different schools.  It seemed as if SSP would not be able to endure the long distance between creative ideas.  Yet hope endured.  Matt Husar continuted to practice his excellent artisitic abilities while Eric Wronsky teamed up with friend Garrett Johnson to create such projects as The G.E.T.Z. and Black Powder.  Although neither project has been attended to greatly in the present, it established another strong team involved in SSP that would be devoted to keep the idea alive and well.  Despite the separation of the creators, the talent between all members was too much to abandon. 
                 Garrett and Eric decided to start sharing their ideas with all that had an internet connection...meaning everyone.  The first website published by an SSP party member was The G.E.T.Z.*, run by Garrett Johnson.  Shortly following The G.E.T.Z. website's local success, the SSP site was created, run by Eric Wronsky.  That is the site you are visiting right now.  A flourishing future was in the cards for SSP after fear of possible demantlization.

*To visitThe G.E.T.Z website click here

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