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Something Strange Productions

The History 1999

The year is...1999

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                The year...1999.  The birth of SSP.  The Godfather of SSP, Matt Husar was exercising his uncanny ablities of artistry with his then time-passing comic strip President Evil.  It was a parody of the popular video game Resident Evil combining the style of anime and humor of sixth graders.  The characters in the comic strip were Matt's friends in his classes, one of which was Eric Wronsky.  Upon seeing Matt's creation, Eric offered to write for the comic that Matt would edit and illustrate.  SSP was born.  That one year brought upon the birth of a Marstellar Middle School sensation.  Everyone wanted to see the latest edition of Matt and Eric's President Evil.  Husar's creation brought upon the inspiration to other comics such as Plokemon by James Foster and other original creations.  The team of Matt and Eric laid the groundwork for something much bigger to come...

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