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Southern New Jersey Wiffle Ball League

Third Training Game:  Team Wilson vs Team Wilson??

There was no brotherly love in this game as veteran Brett Wilson hosted rookie and twin brother Justin.  Click here for a complete recap.

In 2003 the wooded, weed-filled space in Manassas, VA became the birth place of the Northern Virginia Wiffle Ball League.  Its primary founder Garrett Johnson drew on the help of such patrons/players as Eric Wronsky, Michael Philips, and Colin Ginther.  Soon after the grand opening day of the NVWL, Eric Wronsky was relocated to Southern New Jersey.  After almost two years of waiting, Eric Wronsky has started his own league franchise:  The Southern New Jersey Wiffle Ball League.  Scrimages have already begun and regular season play is scheduled to begin before Memorial Day.  This official site will bring you pictures, stats, player information, and more from this new and exciting league in the sSp franchise.  Updates are expected to be frequent and thorough, so please come back to check up on the first franchise apart from the NVWL.
To go to the website of the NVWL, click here.

sSp Wiffle Franchises
The SNJWL was founded in 2005

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