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Southern New Jersey Wiffle Ball League

The home of SNJWL

The interim home field of the SNJWL is Bob Meyers field.  The SNJWL is temporarily using this public park to play their scrimages while the permanent stadium is being built to fully meet the needs of the SNJWL. 

Bob Meyers Field (Right) is a large public field in Medford, New Jersey where lacrosse and baseball games are played.  There's a large open area that the SNJWL is able to play their games before their permanent home is completed.  The disadvantage to Bob Meyers field is that the league is not permitted to build structures on it, so foul poles, outfield walls, and markers are not allowed.  However it's a good area to get ready for the regular season, and the 2005 season should be a good one.

Bob Meyers Field


Bob Meyers Field