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Southern New Jersey Wiffle Ball League

Good news and bad news for Wronsky as Team Wilson wins 7-5

Wronsky belts one of four doubles and Kenny takes his first at bat
Eric Wronsky had the best of times and the worst of times on the Memorial Day game as his rivaled Team Wilson won 7-5.  Wronsky had an explosive offensive day as he went 6-7 with a homer and 2 rbis, yet it wasn't enough to help his own cause as he allowed 7 runs over 6 innings.  His command was shaky as he walked a season high 15 batters.  Brett Wilson pitched 6 stronger innings, although he allowed 11 hits.
"It was just an awful day." Wronsky commented on his pitching performance.  "15 walks in one game is simply terrible.  I'm working hard to find my command, but today it just wasn't there."
"I felt strong." Wilson spoke of his day on the mound.  "I only stuck with the pitches I knew how to throw well, that allowed me to not get myself into trouble with finding the plate," as Wilson only allowed 1 walk over 6 innings.
Offense was not a problem for either team.  Brett Wilson belted a knee high fastball to center field for the first official homerun of the season.  Eric Wronsky had a teriffic day at the plate as he hit 4 doubles, a triple, and a home run off of Wilson in the 3rd.  Team Wronsky came back from a 4-3 deficit in the 4th from the 2 out single by Brigid Hagan to tie followed by a single from first-timer Peter Kenny to give Team Wronsky the lead.  Wronsky was shaky as usual in the 5th walking in two runs and allowing the go ahead in the top of the 6th on walks.
The Memorial Day game also featured the debuts of players Elise Dilger, Justin Wilson, brother of Brett, and Peter Kenny.
With the summer coming up, games should be more frequent, so check back for more updates.


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