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Last updated 01-27-05
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That's right.  Something Strange Productions finally has a website it can call its very own.  No more pop-up ads.  No more generic looking formats.  No more this site.  Go to it now!
Hello and Welcome to the Something Strange Productions website, a team of aspiring writers, producers, and directors with the talent and ambition to make a name for themself in the future.  This site will be the headquarters of news and projects currently being developed.  Such projects include Dicks, Project Dark, and Breaking Point.  You can also find weekly articles by our staff about almost anything.  Enjoy your visit and keep coming back for more updates.

Filled with rage or busting with praise for the site?  Find your appropriate outlet and let us know in the trusty guestbook!

What's New?

This site is undergoing complete destruction and reconstruction.  What was once devoted to a bunch of inside jokes between our staff has now become focused on giving info on actual material that our staff is throwing around and working on.  What was once fictional is now becoming more factual and realistic.  We're excited about our work and hope that you become interested too.

Just what you least expected...

Go to our brand-spankin new website.  It's still under a lot of construction, but soon it will be so badass you won't know what to do with yourself.
What's this?  A completed new short film?  You know it!  Eric Wronsky brings you "Storm Chasers:" a look into local weather hunters in Southern New Jersey.  Click here to visit its brand spanking new page and watch the trailer!
Wow!  What an update.  Softpopcorn?  Check.  Loquax + Anti-Loquax?  Check.  A new movie preview by the name of Ninja Attack!?  Sure thing.  And sSp Resolutions?  How could we not?  Indulge yourself in our content.
A very special Softpopcorn #11
Hey we're back!  Sorry for the delay.  New article by Eric Wronsky lamenting the current baseball situation.  Check it out here.

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